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Four Season Stewardship (FSS) is a package of offerings customized to sustainably maintain your home’s condition, efficiency and repair costs.  It combines the efforts of professional inspectors, specialty contractors, technicians and more into a single powerful service, conveniently delivered in quarterly appointments, with help available 24/7 – 365 days a year.

How do we do this? Decades ago Steve Spratt, founder of Home Preservation Services, identified key service tasks that are crucial to the function and durability of a home. Healthy Building Science has adopted this model because we understand the importance of good maintenance practices. Four Season Stewardship builds upon the excellent model created by Steve Spratt for Silicon Valley, and brings these services to the San Francisco North Bay.

Our professional staff are specially trained across multiple trades to perform these specific tasks so we accomplish in a single trip what would normally require a dozen or more separate contractors. That’s smart… and extremely efficient with both your time and money. We create a database on each home so if something goes wrong we can often troubleshoot and arrange repairs without time consuming and expensive fact-finding trips. You get better, faster service for less money and best of all… more free time of your own!


We aim to establish long-term relationships with homeowners to help them extract maximum value and enjoyment from their home. We embrace technology in providing cost effective solutions. Through careful hiring and management we seek to inspire creativity and greatness from our employees and foster a culture committed to tenacious, out-of-the-box thinking. Hard work, professionalism, and honesty are our core values.

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