Home Maintenance Blogs

  • 30 Apr

    Can You Build a Fire Proof Home?

    Tips for a Fire Proof Home During recent summers I’ve been surprised how vulnerable I have felt when dry winds are blowing and smoke fills the sky. I remember very clearly being on …

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  • 25 Mar

    Clean Crawlspace For Better Moisture Management and Air Quality

    Why Bother with a Clean Crawlspace? When was the last time you went into a crawlspace? It’s generally a dark, dank environment where critters and odors run free! Too often old construction materials …

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  • 28 Dec

    How to Prepare Your Home for Rain

    Throughout California this year people have forgone their lawns and water greedy vegetation for sustainable, less demanding landscape solutions. We have embraced, explored, and pioneered new ideas on how to live more conservatively in …

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  • 17 Dec

    Preserve Your Most Significant Asset

    Proactive North Bay Home Maintenance Marin, Sonoma & Napa Counties – For the first time, busy and absentee homeowners can relax knowing that thorough and regular maintenance is preserving their investment in their …

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  • 04 Dec

    Home Maintenance Concierge

    Quarterly Home Service Visits to Keep Everything Working Ever wish you could find a handyman for all those guilt- inducing maintenance items you never seem to get to? Have an aging honey-do list …

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