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December 04, 2018

Quarterly Home Service Visits to Keep Everything Working

Ever wish you could find a handyman for all those guilt- inducing maintenance items you never seem to get to? Have an aging honey-do list with cleaning the gutters, oiling that squeaky hinge and checking your furnace filter? When was the last time you changed the water filter in the refrigerator?  Lucky for you there is a one-stop-shop for all your home maintenance needs in the North Bay Area.

Let our maintenance professions perform a seasonal maintenance checklist every three months. On all visits, but especially the first, we prepare an “action list” of any needed repairs and share referrals to reliable subcontractors. Four Season Stewardship is founded on the model created by home maintenance pioneer, Steve Spratt, and Home Preservation Services of Los Altos.

What started as a side-business for home builder Steve Spratt, the maintenance service has been tremendously successful and does what most homeowners don’t do or are unable to do: avoid major repair bills down the road by catching problems early. Keeping a home in tip-top shape usually requires a team of professionals and managing multiple contractors. This new model makes Four Season Stewardship a one-stop-shop for all home inspection, and home maintenance and repair services.

Our team can fix small maintenance items we find during quarterly site visits, such as leaky faucets, loose doorknobs and so on. If there are larger issues we can also perform repair work such as replacing gutters or installing plumbing fixtures, but that is not part of the quarterly service plan. Those more significant “Special Projects” are noted on an “action list” for homeowners or property managers, and you can decide when to take care of those items however you choose.  Four Season Stewardship can provide bids for repair work and/or refer you to other local home repair professionals.

The Home Concierge service has evolved over the years into a highly organized business model utilizing time-tested checklists and training programs. While template inspection lists are the base of our offering, each plan is uniquely tailored to each individual home. The makes and models of each client’s appliances and central systems are logged during the first quarterly home inspection, simplifying future ordering of any repairs or parts. Before each quarterly service, the we ask homeowners to list any problems they’ve noticed, and a follow-up call after the first visit solicits client feedback and is a chance to address any questions about new “action list” items. All notes from service visits are kept on record for future reference.

Spratt characterizes the plan as a “concierge-type” service with a strong emphasis on cleanliness and personal relationships. “It’s an old-fashioned kind of service,” he says. “Each crew stays assigned to the same homes, so homeowners see the same faces each quarter.”

Our crews go out of their way to address special requests such as hanging a picture or changing a hard-to-reach lightbulb. We’re a triple-bottom-line company and retention of workers and clients is one of our highest priorities.

Two common client groups include older families or widows who no longer have the ability to care for their home, and younger working professionals who never learned how to care for a home. The growing complexity of today’s houses is another reason people are migrating toward professional building maintenance companies. Many modern homes have solar arrays, backup generators, home entertainment theaters and lighting systems, wine cellars, and complex irrigation systems, each of which has its own maintenance requirements. The cost of the annual contract (four service visits a year) runs between $1.00-1.50 per square foot of floor area, depending on the location and complexity of the home’s systems.

Is the plan worth it for you? It depends on your budget, the age and size of the house, and the level of attention and skill your family can provide for home maintenance. The relative difficulty in finding trustworthy, competent handypeople may also be a factor for some. As is the headache of having to juggle 10 different companies to accomplish what we accomplish in one call.

Let us help you maintain your biggest asset.

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