Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Home Stewardship Program

    Home Stewardship Program

    Four Season Stewardship is a custom package of services specifically tailored to sustainably maintain your home’s condition, efficiency and repair costs. The Home Stewardship Program combines the services of inspectors, specialty contractors, technicians and more into a single efficient service, conveniently delivered in quarterly appointments, with help available 24/7, 365 days a year. We are your one-stop-shop for home maintenance and repairs for San Francisco and the North Bay Area.

    Home Stewardship Plan

    • >250 Point Annual Service Plan
    • Quarterly Service Appointments
    • Built-In Regular Inspections
    • Recommended Action Plan
    • Optional Light Bulb & Filter Supply Kit
    • Optional Healthy Home Protection by Healthy Building Science
    • 24/7 Emergency Response

    Four Season Stewardship - Maintenance

    HOME STEWARDSHIP is founded on principles of sustainability via home upkeep. Our technicians are STEWARDS of your home, your community and our planet. We believe that providing proper maintenance services for our existing inventory of properties is a very powerful act of environmental conservation. Preserving the existing environment that we have already paid so dearly for in capital, natural resources and energy is not only the responsible thing to do, but is also a highly sustainable act. Homes that operate efficiently use less water and energy. Well-maintained homes last longer and require fewer repairs meaning less raw materials and energy are needed for replacement parts. Additionally, homes in good condition are safer and far more enjoyable to live in.

    With quarterly visits and seasonal maintenance checklists we help keep your home in tip-top shape. No more stuck doors, loose handles, blown lightbulbs or surprise fire alarm chirps when the batteries fade. No more worrying about if you changed the air and water filters, or cleaned the gutters before the winter rains. We help you more fully enjoy your home.


    The ultimate preventative maintenance program would be incomplete without the support of expert inspection of health hazards such as mold, mildew, lead and asbestos. Our inspectors are trained to identify these common contaminants and call call them out early if a problem arises.

  • Special Projects Division

    Special Projects Division

    Improving your home should be fun and enjoyable, but the management of even a small project is often overwhelming for homeowners. Assembling and directing the right players can become frustrating, time consuming, and risky. We can help you evaluate the feasibility of a proposed project, then screen, organize and manage a team of proven professionals, contractors, architects, and product vendors to see it through. We specialize in addressing deferred maintenance and common items found during healthy building inspections.


    We are experts at identifying deferred maintenance. Unfortunately, by the time Healthy Building Science gets called in to address an odor, mold, lead or asbestos issue, the cost of deferred maintenance is far greater than just fixing the original problem. The loose door, shaky duct, small leak, or pealing paint have become much bigger issues involving considerably more money and attention than would have been required if the home was well kept. For homeowners and property managers wishing to keep up with maintenance and have routine inspections and services provided we offer the Home Stewardship Program. For homes that have fallen in disrepair or just need tuning up beyond the Four Season Stewardship Checklists, we offer Special Project management and execution to help bring the home up to snuff.

    Our crew is especially adept at addressing common residential deferred maintenance issues such as touch-up paint and caulking, cleaning gutters and downspouts, installing french drains, cleaning out crawlspaces and installing vapor barriers, air sealing and keeping critters out of the home, replacing an appliance or two, overseeing installations of new HVAC and ductwork, etc. These are the most common things we encounter during our work as industrial hygienists, and therefore we are very good at addressing this scope of work.

    If there is a larger remodel or ground-up project we would be happy to learn more and see if it’s a good fit for Four Season Stewardship. We are experienced working as an Owner’s Rep choosing the right design-build team, project managing all phases of construction, and delivering a superior end product. But we have our niche and not every project is a good fit.


    For now we offer Special Project support across the San Francisco Bay Area, with more emphasis in San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties.


    Site Drainage and Landscaping to reduce water intrusion into crawlspaces and basements. This includes testing and installation of French drains and other approaches to site drainage, sump pumps and piping, etc.
    Whole House Ventilation for Air & Water can have great benefits in most homes. We help identify the most appropriate systems, handle any new plumbing or electrical requirements, and set up the systems for routine filter replacement.
    Ventilation Upgrades to increase outside (fresh) air intake and increase point source exhaust from known problem areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. We frequently recommend Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs), Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs), whole house air filtration systems, new ductwork, better thermostats (with humidity or CO2 sensors), etc.
    Appliance Replacements are necessary sometimes, and we can help you pick the right appliance, facilitate shipping and installation, any new plumbing or electrical updates, etc.
    Wiring Errors & New Lighting Upgrades are commonly requested and our electrical troubleshooters and licensed electricians are ready to help.
    Air-Sealing is a common suggestion for both energy efficiency and healthy air improvements. As long as there is sufficient ventilation, air-sealing can dramatically improve air quality because gaps, cracks and holes between a home and the crawlspace, attic and walls is often a pathway for contaminants to enter a home. This is a unique specialty service we are proud to offer.
    Clean Crawlspace & Attic Improvements are often necessary if a home is experiencing odors, excess humidity or dust, or evidence of critters either above or below the occupied portion of the home.