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Preserve Your Most Significant Asset

December 17, 2018

Proactive North Bay Home Maintenance

Marin, Sonoma & Napa Counties – For the first time, busy and absentee homeowners can relax knowing that thorough and regular maintenance is preserving their investment in their most significant asset, their house.  Marin County industrial hygiene company, Healthy Building Science, is taking advantage of the generosity and resources of Home Preservation Services (HPS) to launch Four Season Stewardship!

This is the only preventative home maintenance system that includes all the services necessary to properly maintain a house in a single, cost-saving program. Between HPS and Four Season Stewardship (FSS), homeowners and property managers across the San Francisco Bay Area can benefit from this innovative service to enhance a home’s value, safety, and appearance. HPS focuses primarily on residential properties between San Francisco and San Jose, while FSS will focus on Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties.


Home Maintenance Gutter Cleaning for North Bay Houses
Home Maintenance Gutter Cleaning for North Bay Houses

Why Regular Home Maintenance?

Many homeowners lack the time and resources to correct the deterioration that occurs in a house due to weather, aging, and normal wear. Additionally, delaying maintenance can result in more expensive repairs and reduced the value of a home overtime.  Think of a small leak under a sink. If it is found during a regularly scheduled maintenance inspection and addressed with a month of starting it will cost next to nothing, but if the leak goes unobserved for months it could result in mold growth and water damage that requires a major kitchen remediation and remodeling project. However, with quarterly, proactive maintenance service, every element and system of the house is checked and maintained so the home stays in top-notch condition.

The concept is analogous to a scheduled maintenance program for an upscale car, according to Alex Stadtner of Four Season Stewardship. The car runs better, lasts longer, has fewer surprise repairs, and a higher resale value if it’s maintained regularly. Plus, it’s more enjoyable to use. The same can be said about a well maintained home.


How Proactive Home Maintenance Service Works

We utilize a 265-point preventative maintenance system called HomeStewardship, based largely on the system HomeCare originally created by Steve Spratt of Home Preservation Services in Los Altos. Included in the first quarterly maintenance service is a free home evaluation to identify any deferred maintenance and create a punch list for potential repairs.

The initial inspection is quite thorough and may take up to 6 or 8 hours, depending on the size and condition of the home. Like going to a doctor for the first time, the current condition of the house is assessed in an extensive  inspection that includes photos, measurements, appliance inventory, and schematic electrical layout. Even the type of light bulbs is documented.

During the first quarterly service visit, skilled Four Season Stewardship technicians complete the preventative maintenance services on a quarterly schedule. They utilize a different checklist for each season and leave the checklist behind to illustrate what they accomplished and any unique items they discovered during the serve. The quarterly maintenance checklists include many items, ranging from duct cleaning and roof inspections to gas leak testing and gutter cleaning.

We estimate that if separate vendors performed all maintenance services included in our program, the cost for a typical home would be over $9,000 for one year compared to $4,000 as part of the HomeStewardship system. The savings accrue because of the efficiencies created by consolidating all the work under one roof and from tightly controlled scheduling. We are your one-stop-shop for all home improvement needs.


But Wait, There’s More!

Homeowners save time and money, and reduce their risk by not having to schedule and supervise numerous and possibly uninsured workmen. FSS technicians are licensed, bonded, wear uniforms with picture ID, and have passed rigorous background checks so homeowners can feel secure in having them in their home.

An additional feature of the FSS service is the creation of a repair action plan prioritized by safety, future damage, and added expense if not maintained. If FSS cannot perform the work in-house, homeowners are linked with qualified, pre-screened contractors to perform any special repairs or improvements.


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for FSS Quarterly Home Stewardship is well below the maintenance budget recommended by the American Society of Home Inspectors. They recommend allocating .75% of the cost of a home less than 10 years old, 1.5% for homes in the second decade, and 3% for homes in the third decade. For example, $7,500 should be spent on maintenance of a new $1 million home. FSS charges vary slightly depending on the complexity of the home but averages between $1-$1.5 / sf / year for a service contract. For a 3,000sf home, you get four quarterly maintenance visits for $3,000-4,500 a year.

Insurance can be positively impacted by participation the HomeStewardship program. Preventative maintenance reduces claims and the thorough HomeStewardship inspections provide documentation to support claims. Regular inspections from our home maintenance experts can help determine what is defective construction and what is deferred maintenance, as is very common for dry rot and mold cases.

Four Season Stewardship can also be an option that builders can sell with a new house. It can be an additional selling point, add value to the home, and can accompany the warranty.

For more information about Four Season Stewardship and our HomeStewardship program, call us 415-785-7986

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